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We take a closer look at the weaknesses and battle strategies for all of the Olberic chapter bosses in Octopath Traveler.


Square Enix's latest RPG release Octopath Traveler offers a lot in the way of party customization for a reason — players will need every bit of help they can get with the game's numerous boss battles. Taking down the foes found at the end of each character chapter is no small task, especially for parties that may be under-leveled. Fortunately, we've got some basic tips regarding their individual strengths and weaknesses that can help players plan out their strategies. Keep reading to learn more about all of the Olberic chapter bosses in Octopath Traveler.

Note: we've done our best to keep these guides spoiler-free. However, some details regarding boss names and situational encounters may spoil some story elements. Reader discretion is advised.

Olberic Chapter One Boss Weaknesses and Strategy

Boss Name: Gaston
Weaknesses: Spears, Daggers, Staves, Ice, Lightning
Shield Points: 4, 6, or 7, depending on party
HP: 4,252, or 5,594 against complete parties

Enemy Name: Brigand
Weaknesses: Swords, Axes, Fire, Wind, Dark
Shield Points: 2
HP: 600-800

If Olberic was chosen as the primary character at the start of Octopath Traveler, by the time he reaches the first chapter boss Gaston, he won't have many offensive or defensive options. Gaston himself is weak against spears, and the Brigands he spawns are weak against swords, meaning Thousand Spears should be enough to break Gaston's defense, while two Level Slash skills can take out both of the Brigands' defenses.

Taking out the two Brigands should be a first priority — simple sword hits can break their shields, and players only need to do around 600-700 damage to take each of them out. Once they're out of the way, focus on the big guy — he has about 4,200 HP if players don't have a full party, and just about 5,600 if they do. His attacks do basic physical damage, and even an under-leveled party with a few Healing Grapes should have no trouble taking them out.

Olberic Chapter Two Boss Weaknesses and Strategies

Surprise! In Olberic's second chapter, Olberic and the party have to face off against a series of individual boss battles as part of joining the roster of and eventually conquering the tourney being held in Victors Hollow.

Boss Name: Prideful Warrior
Weaknesses: Swords, ?, ?, ?
Shield Points: 4
HP: 1,165 - 5,000

This little guy is hanging out near the entrance to Victor's Hollow. Like the Contemptuous Warrior that follows, he's basically a pushover — hit him with basic sword attacks to break his defenses, then lay in with Olberic's most powerful attacks boosted as much as possible. He'll go down in no time.

Boss Name: Contemptuous Warrior
Weaknesses: Spears, ?, ?, ?
Shield Points: 4
HP: 1,000 - 6,000

This would-be fighter can be found on the western end of Victor's Hollow. He's really not much of a fighter, though he isn't specifically weak to swords. Simply bring his defenses down and use boost points on Olberic's most powerful skill to take him out of the running.

Boss Name: Victorino, the Buccaneer's Bane
Weaknesses: Swords, Daggers, Wind, Dark
Shield Points: 5
HP: 12,718

Enemy Name: Victorino's Retainer
Weaknesses: Swords, Daggers, Lightning, Dark
Shield Points: 2
HP: 4,133

After besting the two wannabe champions, Olberic will eventually be able to secure his place in the tourney by defeating Victorino, the Buccaneer's Bane, in a public brawl. This fight is substantially more difficult than previous bouts, which is why the game allows all four party members to enter into the fray.

As usual, start by taking out the main boss' two lackeys: they have just over 4,100 HP and they're weak to conventional weapons. Once they're out of the way, focus on hitting Victorino: break his defenses wtih swords or daggers, then have spellcasters use either wind or dark-based spells to deal heavy elemental damage.

Boss Name: Joshua Frostblade
Weaknesses: Axes, Staves, Fire, Light
Shield Points: 6
HP: 18,184

Enemy Name: Dapper Duelist
Weaknesses: Daggers, Bows, Fire, Wind
Shield Points: 4
HP: 5,539

Like with many later-level bosses in Octopath Traveler, Joshua Frostblade will have some of his weaknesses blocked by his companions. Fortunately, opening up those weaknesses to attack simply involves taking out the smaller foes first, which is the usual strategy.

Since the Dapper Duelists are weak to bows, a Hunter using Arrowstorm is a great way to break their defenses quickly. After that, have a spellcaster use a fire-based skill to deal elemental damage and begin to weaken Joshua's own shield rating. With time, the party will take out the duelists, leaving Joshuo open to easy attack — just be on the lookout for his Unrequited Etude skill, which deals a moderate amount of physical damage to the entire party at once.

Boss Name: Archibold the Crusher
Weaknesses: Daggers, Bows, Ice, Dark
Shield Points: 7
HP: 20,182

Enemy Name: Disguised Duelist
Weaknesses: Axes, Staves, Dark, Light
Shield Points: 5
HP: 6,061

Archibold raises the challenge quite a bit thanks to his ability to charge up for powerful attacks like Champion's Cleave, which deals physical damage and reduces the defense of all party members. Coupled with his shield rating of seven, stopping these attacks is something of a chore. However, his two Disguised Duelist companions are relatively weak, and even Clerics will be able to break their defenses easily using spells like Luminescence.

Keep to the same rhythm — take out the two smaller enemies to open up Archibold's locked weaknesses, then lay into him with everything the party has. After the reigning champion admits defeat, only the battle against Gustav will remain.

Boss Name: Gustav, the Black Knight
Weaknesses: Spears, Axes, Bows, Fire, Dark
Shield Points: 8
HP: 39,549

Enemy Name: Shield Wielder
Weaknesses: Swords, Staves, Ice, Wind
Shield Points: 5
HP: 7,910

At the start of the fight, Gustav will block all of his specific weaknesses, once again forcing the party to first deal with his weaker associates. Focus attacks on both Shield Wielders — they're weak against swords, meaning Level Slash is a great way to hit them both at once while other party members use wind or ice attacks to break their defenses.

When they're out of the way, start laying into Gustav, being careful of his powerful physical attacks, which can often hit single characters several times at once. He has far more HP than previous tourney contenders, so taking him down will be a matter of patience.

The Hunter's Rain of Arrows skill will be a great way to knock four or so points off of Gustav's shield rating in a given turn, and the other party members can simply hit him with weapons he's weak against to build up their boost points. Once his defenses are broken, boost skills like Cross Slash or True Strike to deal the most damage possible. After a few rinses and repetitions, he'll eventually fall, and Olberic's second chapter will conclude.

We're still working on covering all of the boss battles in Octopath Traveler, so be sure to keep checking back by this page as new information is added. Players who want to learn more about Square Enix's latest RPG should head over to our Octopath Traveler strategy and guide hub, where we break down each job and skill, all shrine locations, provide miscellaneous trivia, and more.

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