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Shrine of the Thunderblade Location - Octopath Traveler

Seek out the Shrine of the Thunderblade location in Octopath Traveler to unlock the Warrior secondary job class.


As its name might imply, Octopath Traveler is an RPG with plenty of different avenues of exploration. Thanks to the bright minds at Square Enix, players have an adventure that they can experience as they see fit, and that includes several different options that can be used to customize each of the game's eight heroes. A good bit of that potential for customization involves secondary jobs, the likes of which are unlocked after finding different shrines. Here's where to find the Shrine of the Thunderblade and unlock the Warrior sub job in Octopath Traveler.

Where to Find the Shrine of the Thunderblade

Fortunately for Octopath Traveler players, this is another shrine that's easy to find. The Shrine of the Thunderblade can be accessed to the west of the town of Northgard. From the signpost and save point in the junction known as North Stonegard Pass, turn west and follow the path alongside the cliff's edge all the way to the western end of the area, then simply turn and walk north into the cave entrance.

Once within, head briefly east, then turn north and climb the steps toward the altar. Upon its approach, the party will hear the disembodied voice of Brand, the Thunderblade, who will commend the party for thier boldness in making it to his shrine. As a reward, he will then unlock the Warrior secondary job class for the entire party, allowing players to take advantage of the job's distinct bonuses to HP as well as physical attack and defense.

Seven more shrines remain for players who want to unlock all of the core secondary job classes in Octopath Traveler, plus four more for stoic heroes who wish to unlock the each of the game's advanced job classes. To learn where each of these shrines can be found, be sure to stop by our guide to all shrine locations in Octopath Traveler. Beyond that, check out our extensive Octopath Traveler strategy and guide hub for extra information covering job classes, skills, boss strategies, trivia, and more.

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