Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Hits The Farm This August

Round up your squad. It’s time to to start powerfarming in the ultimate multiplayer gaming experience.


Stardew Valley may not be the most intense gaming experience ever released, but its simple mechanics and endless charm made it a global hit with gamers. It had everything you could want in a retro-styled farming sim-RPG, except the ability to bring your friends into a life of indentured servitude where they are forced to spend their waking hours tending to your farmland. All that changes on August 1 when Stardew Valley gets its multiplayer update on Steam. Hell yeah.

Plant seeds, go fishing, ride donkeys, bother the townsfolk, or do whatever your heart desires. Now you have backup. You and your idiot friends can now build the farm of your dreams and truly dominate the competition. While the multiplayer mode has been available via a beta since April, developer ConcernedApe has worked out the kinks and has everything ready to roll for real.

While the Multiplayer Update will only be available for the PC version on August 1, the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions will be getting the same update some time in the near future. You better start stocking up of friends and free time while you still can.

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