Sean Murray Resurfaces to Discuss No Man's Sky's Rebirth

Murray opens up about his trials and tribulations with the No Man's Sky launch. 


After a very long, self-imposed exile from the spotlight following the massive amount of frustration and complaints levied at him from fans, Hello Games' Sean Murray has returned to speak on the saga that started with a few "broken promises," at least according to those looking forward to the aspirational No Man's Sky.

The Hello Games creative director stepped out of the spotlight back in 2016 to focus on rebuilding No Man's Sky from its somewhat tenuous original platform, and it looks like the company has accomplished a complete rebirth of its product with the upcoming Next update. But in his first series of interviews since stepping down for a bit to take some time to himself, he's finally opening up about what happened after the launch and the silence that came after it.

"There was some soul searching after launch," he told GamesRadar. "If I was to go back… that vast amount of time spent talking about the details of the game was never that valuable or necessary. We could have just shown the first trailer at the VGX Awards [in 2013] and disappeared until release.”

Indeed, many of the promises and claims that came of the first look we had of No Man's Sky ended up in heartbreak, as a lot of the features that were supposed to make an appearance in the game just weren't there, or radically downsized. Since launch, Murray and the company have been working to make those things a reality, and Murray has relished the chance to "work in secret." And it's been working for the team to watch what they say and promise, it seems.

“I now understand why publishers talk in such a scripted way!" said Murray. With the birth of the No Man's Sky Next update, the company will likely be winning players who were frustrated with the title at launch back again, though Murray isn't sure if he'll ever consider No Man's Sky "finished," at least not in the traditional sense.

"There’s still loads of stuff we want to add, and I never thought we’d feel that way as a studio, two years on from No Man’s Sky’s release. Hello Games has learnt a lot and has built up so much more experience just in terms of our team and our skill sets; there's so much that we can do now that we’ve found our groove.”

No Man's Sky's Next update will launch on

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