All Previous World of Warcraft Expansions Now Free to Subscribers

Play all the way up through Legion for free. 


Looking to get into World of Warcraft? Now's the best time to do so, especially with the newest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, launching this August. Just in time to get new players on board, Blizzard has made some alterations to its monthly subscription service and the way it handles expansions for players. Now, every single expansion and past bit of available content is available for players to access via the game's $14.99 monthly subscription fee.

Aside from Battle for Azeroth, which will still require a $49.99 purchase if you want to get in on the new content, you can play through all six of the previous content dumps up through Legion, so you've got just about a month left to experience a taste of it all before the new expansion drops on August 14. Granted, that's really not even near the amount of time you'd need to see everything, but you've got the option now, at least, with your vanilla subscription.

You can play all the way through level 110 now without having to buy anything else, so it's great news for those looking to get into WoW who previously may have balked at doing so because of the monetary requirements. This way, if you get interested and decide to invest more time, you can just spend all the money you were planning on spending on expansions on pets and other cool stuff in-game instead. Or just save it, I guess, if today's microtransaction climate in general even lets you do that kind of thing.

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