Cursed Sails Update Brings New Ships, Challenges To Sea of Thieves

Cursed Sails is the second major content update for Rare’s multiplayer pirate experience.


When Sea of Thieves first launched this past spring, players flocked to the game for its simple to grasp mechanics, fun art style, and lavish ocean simulation. While the game did lots of things right, many players were underwhelmed by the amount of content present in the 1.0 version of the game. The development team at Rare began to address these concerns back in late May with the release of The Hungering Deep. As the first major content update for Sea of Thieves, The Hungering Deep brought ship flags, new cosmetics, and a giant shark to terrorize sailors. At the end of this month, Rare plans to release its second content update for the game in the form of Cursed Sails.

Dubbed “the biggest update yet” by Microsoft, Cursed Sails will add a new three-player ship to the mix, along with the ability to form alliances with other players to tackle big adventures and even bigger piles of treasure. Additionally, Cursed Sails will introduce skeleton-piloted ships that player must contend with. The content from this update will be introduced during a limited time event that will see the new skeleton ships attack players and outposts. A story-driven side quest will also allow players to investigate the source of the skeleton scourge.

Cursed Sails will be available for free to all owners of Sea of Thieves and all players who have access to the game via Xbox Game Pass. The fun begins when the content update launches on July 31.

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