Clicker Heroes 2 Beta Test Shows Off Latest Hero and Skills

The idle game sensation returns in Clicker Heroes 2, now featuring a new beta that allows players to get an early glimpse at the latest developments.


One of the more curious genres in the video games scene is the "idle game" genre, where players can essentially sit back and have games play themselves with only minimal input. That probably sounds a little strange to some, but anyone who has played Clicker Heroes should know exactly how addictive the formula can be. Now, developer Playsaurus is returning to form with Clicker Heroes 2, and players who purchase the game can now get an early look at new worlds and heroes in the new beta test.

According to a press release for the Clicker Heroes 2 beta test, players will be able to start the game as Cid, The Helpful Adventurer, and get a feel for the game's various worlds, skills, and automation options. Here's a full breakdown of the key features in the beta straight from the release:

• Infinite Progress: Hop from zone to zone to defeat monsters and purchase gear and upgrades that will help you reach higher zones. Once you’re strong enough, advance from world to world where you’ll find even more powerful monsters and unlock even better upgrades!
• Skills: Unlock tons of satisfying skills to help you kill monsters faster. Big Clicks, Huge Click, Multiclick, and more. Find the perfect combination and rotation for maximum DPS!
• Worlds: Conquer a vast amount of worlds and defeat their unique monsters in search of more gold and experience!
• Automator: Customize “The Automator” to play the game for you while you’re away. Automatically buy new gear, level up, and create complex skill combos. Maximize your efficiency by crafting the perfect Automator sequences.
• Massive Skill Tree: Choose your own path to success with hundreds of amazing upgrades for your stats and skills in the massive skill tree. Play the game the way you want to!

Idle game fans who want to drop into the Clicker Heroes 2 beta test only need to purchase the game to gain access. It's available for purchase over on the Clicker Heroes 2 website or via Steam, where the title is currently in Early Access. The cost of entry is $29.99, and players can find more information about the game by checking out the Clicker Heroes 2 developer blog.

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    Kevin Tucker posted a new article, Clicker Heroes 2 Beta Test Shows Off Latest Hero and Skills

    • Zek legacy 10 years
      July 17, 2018 4:15 PM

      $30, dear god. I'll wait for a sale maybe. I like clickers sometimes but only if they do something interesting and are not just a reskin of The Formula.

      Really I miss the Candy Box style of idle games. That's the game that started it all I think, and it wasn't about endless number grinding at all. It was actually about discovery. Starting with a mind-numbingly tedious task that gradually unlocks more and more weird features that transform it into a totally different game. More like Frog Fractions actually now that I think about it.

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      July 17, 2018 4:17 PM


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