Swing Into Overwatch Like A Wrecking Ball Next Week

Overwatch's new character hits live servers in only a few days.


Overwatch teased the new hamster character Wrecking Ball in late June and started tweaking him in test servers soon after. It looks like he's ready to roll right into battle now with Blizzard revealing that he hits live servers on July 24, 2018.

Wrecking Ball is a new tank character in Overwatch and uses quad cannons as his primary weapons. He also has an adaptive shield that generates more health depending on how many enemies are nearby. These two things suggest Wrecking Ball is best used when charging right into combat against full squads, but he can also escape with an ability that turns him into a fast ball.

He also has a grappling claw that allows him to swing his ball into enemies for damage or to move greater distances faster. The Piledriver ability also makes him a threat from the sky as he smashes down into enemies below. His ultimate ability is Minefield, which flings proximity mines onto the ground.

Wrecking Ball has a high level of mobility for a tank but ticks all of the other marks to be a formidable front-line force. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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