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Shacknews Staff Select: The Wolf

As an equal opportunity employer, Shacknews attempts to include viewpoints from all walks of life, or in this case, wildlife.


Anyone who has kept their finger on the pulse of video games coverage over the last decade has seen the industry shift towards video content and streaming. has become a cornerstone of the video game industry, offering thousands of hours of video game content every day. With millions of eyes on the product, streaming is a big business and something the average reader of this site cares about. This lead Shacknews to start a new focus on streaming, including the launch of a regular weekday Twitch stream on the Official Shacknews Twitch Channel. Because the regular Shacknews staff has been stretched thin to keep you informed with the latest video game news, guides, and reviews, a new member was brought on to spearhead the daily streams. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present The Wolf.

Shacknews co-owner and Editor-In-Chief Asif Khan (The Man With The Briefcase) first met The Wolf last summer. Khan was careless about leaving untied garbage bags of kitchen waste in his backyard. Naturally, this attracted wildlife to his property that would otherwise roam the wilderness. While out walking his dog Lola one evening, Khan was confronted by a large wolf that was plundering through a garbage bag full of taco remnants. He attempted to scare away The Wolf with no success. As The Wolf snarled at him, Khan asked The Wolf if he was familiar with the media’s pivot to video and if he was comfortable streaming games.

As it turns out, The Wolf had quite a bit of experience from when he starred in the cult classic fighting game Bloody Roar as Yugo and then later on when he streamed Okami to the pups in his den over Google Hangouts. The Wolf was brought onto the Shacknews staff on a probationary trial and began hosting afternoon Twitch streams. Khan assigned News Editor Charles Singletary to help The Wolf with the streams and to make sure he didn’t chew the cables or leave carcasses in the studio.

The Wolf has now been semi-successfully hosting the Shacknews daily Twitch streams for almost half a year now. As part of the Shacknews team that traveled to E3 2018 in Los Angeles, The Wolf sat down with Greg Burke the video jerk to talk about working for Shacknews and the experience of operating daily streams. When asked how the streaming schedule affects his duties protecting his family in the pack, The Wolf began growling. As Greg continued with the questioning, The Wolf grew increasingly agitated and began snapping at Greg and the rest of the technical crew. Animal control was dispatched to the convention center, but by the time they arrived, The Wolf had left the property. Burke and the rest of the Shack staff at E3 2018 were taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and administered precautionary rabies shots.

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