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All Floating Lightning Bolt Locations in Fortnite

Learn where to find all the floating lightning bolts in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5.


Season 5 of Fortnite is off to an explosive start as the cracks above the Battle Royale map bring new worlds to conquer and floating lightning bolts to collect. Players who have purchased the Season 5 Battle Pass will need to find all the locations of the floating lightning bolts and collect them in order to gain some impressive rewards.

Floating Lightning Bolt Locations

Littered across the Battle Royale map in Fortnite are dozens of floating lightning bolts. In order to collect them for the Battle Pass weekly challenge, players will need to find them on the map, and then build their way up to search them. Finding a lightning bolt is as simple as looking out for a golden beam of light. There are several locations where the floating lightning bolts can be found, but to complete the challenge only 7 are required.

Map Credit: Prima Games

  1. A lightning bolt can be found at Junk Junction
  2. Northeast of Pleasant Park, between the plateau and the building is a lightning bolt
  3. Head to Haunted Hills to find this floating lightning bolt
  4. Snobby Shores’ villain hideout contains a floating lightning bolt
  5. Head to Loot Lake’s west dock to locate another lightning bolt
  6. Another lightning bolt is located in the middle of Titled Towers
  7. This lightning bolt can be found near the Durr Burger joint in Greasy Grove
  8. Northeast of Lazy Links, on the north of the map, is another lightning bolt
  9. Look for a floating lightning bolt west of Tomato Town
  10. A lightning bolt can be found above Dusty Divot’s new trees
  11. Head north of Salty Springs to find another lightning bolt
  12. Look south of Shifty Shafts to find this lightning bolt
  13. Another lightning bolt can be spotted northeast of Flush Factory, in the nameless town
  14. Northeast of Tomato Town is a lightning bolt near the cliff
  15. Go to Retail Row to find another lightning bolt
  16. A lightning bolt can be found to the east of Salty Springs
  17. Northeast of Lucky Landing is another floating lightning bolt
  18. Go north of Wailing Woods to find this lightning bolt
  19. Lonely Lodge hides a lightning bolt in the west
  20. This lightning bolt is found on the west of Paradise Palms

With all the floating lightning bolt locations in mind, begin collecting resources and build a ramp to reach these shiny beacons (or use another player’s building). Remember, only seven lightning bolts are required to complete the first weekly challenge of the Fortnite Battle Pass. This should help players get one step closer to unlocking all the new emotes, skins, and outfits! Be sure to check out the Fortnite Season 5 Patch Notes for the latest changes, fixes, and new skins!

Featured image credit: Eurogamer

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