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New York Excelsior's JJoNak Named First Overwatch League Regular Season MVP

The first Overwatch League MVP has been named and it's the top player on the top overall team. Sounds about right, doesn't it?


Prior to Wednesday's second Overwatch League quarterfinal match, Blizzard got to the business of awarding the League's MVP for the regular season. After weeks of deliberation among the Overwatch League broadcast team and after tabulating the online fan vote, the League's Most Valuable Player award was given to the New York Excelsior's Seong-Hyun "JJoNak" Bang.

The 18-year-old JJoNak was a particular standout for the first place New York Excelsior. The Zenyatta main racked up a 13.55 elimination average, with an outstanding 6,814 average damage and 6,256 average healing stat per ten minutes (according to the OWL Stats page). Add this to his incomparable team play, the intangibles of knowing when to pop his Transcendence Ultimate, and his consistently incredible play throughout the season and the South Korean native proved to be a solid pick for the League's first regular season MVP.

The voting was conducted partially via online vote, with fans encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #OWLMVP. The final result was determined with the Overwatch League broadcast team getting 75 percent of the final vote and the online fan voting comprising the other 25 percent. According to Blizzard, JJoNak earned 30 first-place votes and 117 points from polling. Finishing second place in the voting was Los Angeles Gladiators tank Chan-Hyung "Fissure" Baek with six first-place votes and 58 overall points, with Philadelphia Fusion offense player Jae-Hyeok "Carpe" Lee picking up six first-place votes and 36 overall points for third.

JJoNak's next step is to wait patiently for the outcome of this week's Overwatch League Quarterfinals. The NYXL will face off against the lowest-remaining seed, which could be the Philadelphia Fusion, who started this Wednesday night by drawing first blood against the Boston Uprising.

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