Dark Devotion's Gloomy Story Trailer Paints A Disturbing Picture of Suffering

Darker than your soul. 


The Arcade Crew and Hibernian Workshop's 2D rogue like Dark Devotion just got a new story-based trailer today that shows off just a tiny bit of what you can expect from the harried, overtly religious world where people are scared into devotion via suffering. In case you hadn't already guessed, there's not a lot of sane or healthy-minded people there in the game. It's pretty nuts.

The trailer doesn't delve into any official gameplay, and instead opts to show off some of the darker elements of the game, such as the ways the game's religious groups have chosen to punish anyone who doesn't vibe with their weird little clique. It's pretty creepy, to be honest. And that's why you'll likely want to pick up this strange yet totally atmospheric adventure when it hits PC and consoles in the future.

Unfortunately, there's no release date just yet, but you should have a field day watching this creepfest of a trailer, at the very least. 

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