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What Are Danger Levels in Octopath Traveler?

We break down what Octopath Traveler Danger Levels are and what they mean for the player.


Adventuring is always somewhat dangerous, but not every video game tells players just how much danger they're about to walk into. Fortunately, Octopath Traveler does. The latest RPG from Square Enix has what's called a Danger Level for each hostile area in the game, and players can use the associated number to determine whether or not they're ready to face the challenges ahead.

What Do Danger Levels Mean in Octopath Traveler?

While Octopath Traveler players are making their way around the continent of Orsterra, they'll invariably wind up noticing a little notification pop up in the lower left of the screen when transitioning into a new area. It'll say "Danger Level" and have a number next to it, like "Danger Level 11" or "Danger Level 45." This is the developer's way of indicating to the player roughly how tough the enemies in the next area will be.

We can't exactly say that Danger Levels directly correspond to the levels players should be when entering the area, nor can we say those are the levels of the enemies in the area; however, both assumptions are more or less correct. Areas with a Danger Level of 30 have stronger enemies than areas with a Danger Level of 20, so on and so forth. Heroes still stuck around level 20 still may have trouble in an area with a Danger Level of 20, but they'll face much steeper challenges in an area with a Danger Level of 40.

Generally speaking, Danger Levels in the world increase as players explore farther out from the central regions of the map: Marsalim to the south has higher Danger Levels than Wellspring, which has higher Danger Levels than Sunshade, et cetera. This means that players reaching out farther geographically can expect a tougher challenge with each new area they visit — but also potentially greater rewards, as some of the best loot can be found in dungeons near junctions with a Danger Level of 45.

Hopefully this can help clear up any confusion regarding just what Danger Levels mean in Octopath Traveler. To learn more about Square Enix's latest RPG, be sure to stop by our Octopath Traveler strategy and guide hub, which features crucial information regarding job class and skills, boss weaknesses, shrine locations, and much more.

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