How Long Does It Take To Beat Octopath Traveler?

Knowing Square Enix games, players are naturally left wondering how long it may take to beat Octopath Traveler.


Octopath Traveler is a game forged in the old-school tradition by the JRPG experts at Square Enix. As such, it's a game that puts a focus on telling a rich, dense narrative, often one that takes dozens of hours to play out. The game's role-playing roots mean that players interested in picking up Octopath Traveler would like to know about how long it might take to beat the game. Luckily for them, we have a pretty good idea of just how many hours it takes to see Octopath Traveler through to the end.

How Long Is Octopath Traveler?

Octopath Traveler tells a story of eight different heroes as they follow their own paths to adventure. Players who jumped in on previous demos of the game were able to reach as far as Chapter 2 of each character — roughly half the story, though it wasn't possible to play all characters all the way through in one sitting. However, the demo alone showed that each chapter is generally between 30 and 90 minutes long, with 60 minutes being about the average.

Considering just that figure, the full game should at minimum take about 30 hours to complete. However, that's with no consideration to side quests, party management, leveling up, so on and so forth. So, realistically, players can likely expect between 40 and 50 hours to beat the game, assuming they don't stop to smell the roses very often.

Based on our experience, most players should be able to power level their four main heroes up to level 40 or so within the first 25 hours. After that, they can easily take another 20 to 30 hours cleaning up main story chapters and grabbing loot in the many dungeons spread across the map. However, these figures don't include any of the numerous side quests available in the game, which can take a matter of moments to fifteen or more minutes, depending on the approach.

Altogether, it's probably safe to say that most players will generally get between 40 and 80 hours out of Octopath Traveler, in the assumption that they stick with it all the way through to the end. The chapters themselves don't take very long to play out, but much of the meat of the game lies in battles, party customization, learning skills, and seeking out rare equipment.

To get a better feel for the game, be sure to check out our Octopath Traveler preview. We've also got a lot more information concerning Square Enix's latest RPG otherwise, including details about job classes and skillscharacter talents and path actions, how to choose the best secondary job, and more, all featured over on our Octopath Traveler strategy and guide hub.

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