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Characters, Path Actions, and Talents - Octopath Traveler

Get to know all about Octopath Traveler's eight different heroes by checking out their jobs, path actions, talents, and biographies. 


As its name might imply, Octopath Traveler, the latest RPG from Square Enix, follows the story of eight distinct characters as they traverse the many paths of the continent of Orsterra. Not only does each character have his or her own story to tell, each also comes equipped with a starting job class, a special Path Action, and a unique Talent. Keep reading to learn all about the characters in Octopath Traveler, including their Path Actions, Talents, default job classes, and in-game biographies.

Octopath Traveler Characters, Talents, and Path Actions

In Octopath Traveler, every hero has a default job, a special Path Action, and a unique Talent. While all Talents are different, several Path Actions are similar: both Primrose and Ophilia can Summon townspeople to battle, and Ophilia's Guide action works essentially the same way; Olberic and H'aanit can also Challenge or Provoke townspeople into battle, with Olberic fighting for himself and H'aanit using beasts to fight in her stead.

Only the character with specific Path Actions needs to be in the party to use the skill; there's no need for them to be the primary hero. With that said, Path Actions and Talents cannot be swapped, as they are linked to individual characters instead of specific jobs. Keep reading to learn about all of the game's different Path Actions and Talents as well as the biographies and jobs for each character in Octopath Traveler.

Olberic Eisenberg, the Warrior

Olberic Eisenberg
Job: Warrior
Path Action: Challenge - allows Olberic to challenge townspeople to a duel.
Talent: Bolster Defense - allows Olberic to boost while defending to protect against the mighty blows of formidable enemies.

Cyrus Albright, the Scholar

Cyrus Albright
Job: Scholar
Path Action: Scrutinize - allows Cyrus to glean new knowledge from the townspeople.
Talent: Study Foe - allows Cyrus to gain insight into an unfamiliar foe's weaknesses.

Tressa Colozone, the Merchant

Tressa Colozone
Job: Merchant
Path Action: Purchase - allows Tressa to purchase items from townspeople.
Talent: Eye for Money - allows Tressa to collect money left behind by fallen adventurers, merchants, and the like.

Ophilia Clement, the Cleric

Ophilia Clement
Job: Cleric
Path Action: Guide - allows Ophilia to guide townspeople, who will follow wherever she goes.
Talent: Summon - allows Ophilia to summon a townsperson under her guidance to aid in battle.

Primrose Azelhart, the Dancer

Primrose Azelhart
Job: Dancer
Path Action: Allure - allows Primrose to allure townspeople into following her.
Talent: Summon - allows Primrose to summon a townsperson she has charmed to aid in battle.

Alfyn Greengrass, the Apothecary

Alfyn Greengrass
Job: Apothecary
Path Action: Inquire - allows Alfyn to learn all sorts of information from people.
Talent: Concoct - allows Alfyn to create potions and substances from various ingredients to aid allies or harm foes in battle.

Therion, the Thief

Job: Thief
Path Action: Steal - allows Therion to steal the belongings of townspeople.
Talent: Pick Lock - allows Therion to open locked treasure chests he encounters in his travels.

H'aanit, the Hunter

Job: Hunter
Path Action: Provoke - allows H'aanit to use beasts to provoke people into battle.
Talent: Capture - allows H'aanit to capture monsters and beasts in battle and train them to fight by her side.

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