Blizzard's Pink Mercy Overwatch Skin Raises Over $12.7 Million for Breast Cancer Charity

Did you get a chance at snagging one of the pink-laden skins?


Today, Blizzard announced an impressive milestone for charity, brought on by the generous gamers who participated in the sale of Pink Mercy skins in May meant solely for charity. The campaign was a massive success, as it raised $12.7 million for breast cancer research in as little as two weeks. The popular shooter introduced the charity-only skin for support hero Mercy, adding gorgeous pink hues, pigtails, and wings to the popular character for a striking twist on her usual look.

Players could purchase the skin for $15 for a limited time, which was a bit much for a skin considering most aren't nearly that much and can be earned by grinding in-game, and they certainly did, in droves. There were also special T-shirt designs available created by members of the community, which were set at about $30 apiece. All the sales of both the skin and the shirts went to make for an incredible donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as all of the proceeds went to the fund to further the great work that those folks do.

Unfortunately, the skin is no longer available, and it remains to be seen whether or not we'll get any further Overwatch charity skins in the future. Hopefully, Blizzard will see the power of the Mercy skin having attracted so many folks to pick it up for charity and will prompt them to introduce more in the future. Charities could always use the extra cash, and Overwatch fans love getting new goodies. 

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