Snap All The Dog Photos You Want With Far Cry 5's Photo Mode

There's a lot to take photos of, but why would you focus on something other than Boomer?


Far Cry 5's latest update has added a new photo mode to the game, so now you can take pictures of the best boy around, Boomer, all you want to. Of course, you can take more than dog pictures, but that's the best use I can possibly think of for this newfound ability at the moment. True, there are a lot of sights and sounds to behold in the still fairly new release (from three months ago), but snapping pictures of one of the best Hired Fangs in the game still seems like a great idea.

It's a part of the new Title Update 8, which released on both console and PC. Along with several bug fixes and improvements, the photo mode was slid into the game, and it really should have been in there all along. It allows you to pause the game no matter what you're currently doing so you can take a screenshot of whatever's going on. You can move the in-game camera around to put together the perfect shot.

You can flip the camera around and take a selfie with your customized character, adjust the focus, aperture, frame, time of day, and even apply filters that make your snapshots look like something you ripped straight off of Instagram. It's a full-featured option that now puts it on par with the photo modes found in games like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, God of War, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. In short, it's a useful feature that Far Cry 5 players should find themselves getting a lot of mileage out of, even though the game's been out for quite some time now. 

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