Pokemon Quest Amasses 7.5 Million Downloads on Nintendo Switch and Smartphones

That's a lot of blocky Pokémon. 


Pokemon Quest has done exceptionally well for itself, and players are still downloading it left and right, just a few weeks after its debut on Nintendo Switch and smartphones. The Pokemon Company announced today that the free-to-play riff on the classic monster-collecting game has surpassed 7.5 million downloads worldwide. It's well on its way to becoming another Pokemon Go at this rate.

Pokemon Quest first debuted at the end of May ahead of E3 2018 on Nintendo Switch, and then jumped to iOS and Android on June 27, 2018, rocketing ahead to meet this impressive milestone of 7.5 million downloads in just over a month.

The quirky game takes players to Tumblecube Island, where they can interact with boxy, cube-like Pokemon and befriend them as they craft materials and explore the island while making plenty more new Pokemon acquaintances. It's a far cry different from the Pokemon games series veterans clamor for, but it's also quite fun, as well. It's mired a bit too much in the casual free-to-play trappings of most mobile games, but it's still well worth trying out. 

You can check out some of our many guides on how to complete various tasks in Pokemon Quest for some assistance if you need help making it big!

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