Meet Disgaea 1 Complete's Angels in New 'Celestia' Trailer

From Flonne to Vulcanus, these are the characters you need to know. 


Disgaea 1 Complete is bringing its unique brand of zaniness to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this fall, and today courtesy of NIS America's Anime Expo presentation, we've got a brand new trailer showing off Switch footage as well as our introduction to the angels of the land of Celestia.

The trailer features ditzy trainee angel Flonne, as well as the Seraph Lamington and Archangel Vulcanus. You'll get to know all about them as you make your journey through the Netherworld with young prince Laharl as he looks to take his father's throne back from those who want to take it all for themselves. Flonne was actually an angel trainee sent from the land of Celestia to assassinate Laharl's father King Krichevskoy, who has (hilariously) already been killed before she could get there, so...great job, Flonne!

The tactical RPG update features HD graphics and plenty of expanded content, as well as the convenience of being able to take it on the go or play at home with updated graphics on your home console, both of which are awesome.

The game is planned for launch on October 9 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, so if you're ready to get your strategy RPG on, you'd better go ahead and get your preorder in now. It's going to be an awesome re-release, that's for sure.

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