Build Your Own Village In Kingdom Come: Deliverance's From The Ashes DLC

The first premium DLC for KCD is live now.


In our review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we gave it a lot of points for its immersive medieval experience as we took our lead character through a roller coaster of a journey. Along the way, players are able to shape Henry with various professions and some new DLC will be tasking us with a new job altogether. Bailiffs in the various villages often helped characters along throughout the main story but From The Ashes puts us into the official's shoes. Build a village up from its ashes in Kingdom Come's first premium DLC, which is live as of today.

If you've played through Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you'll recognize the setting of the From The Ashes DLC. It serves as a major turning point in the campaign and, now, you must rebuild the area. Instead of operating like a traditional expansion, From The Ashes is more of an extension of this particular point in the game.

This opportunity functions more like a finance manager vs a city builder, requiring players to balance building projects with income. As it is developed, it becomes a major personal hub for players with a stable, laboratory, church, town hall, and more. You can even hire well-known NPCs you meet during the main quest to help your new village grow.

From The Ashes is available now for $9.99 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and requires the full base game. Bookmark our Kingdom Come: Deliverance guide and walkthrough and look out for some new updates involving this intriguing new DLC. KCD is also one of our Games of the Midyear for 2018. It has good company, so go check it out.

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