Phantom Doctrine Interview: Unraveling an 'Alternate History'

Take it all the way back to the Cold War. 


Shacknews' Andrew Zucosky sat down during the Indie Heaven event during E3 2018 to discuss Phantom Doctrine with Kacper Szymczak, Lead Designer at Creative Forge Games.

The Cold War-themed strategy game is aiming for a PC release in 2018, and it'll take players on a thrilling trip through an alternative historical timeline. They'll lead "The Cabal" in a battle with a conspiratorial group looking to control the world.

As far as gameplay goes, Phantom Doctrine is mechanically similar to the XCOM series, with turn-based combat and aesthetics that fans of those games should be quite familiar with. You can join either the KGB or CIA during your time throughout the campaign as the story unfolds, which should make for some interesting situations.

Phantom Doctrine is releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in summer 2018, though it  still has yet to receive a concrete release date at this time. 

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