Insomniac Games Art Director Teases Venom is 'Too Big' for Spider-Man's PS4 Debut

Don't go Brock-ing my heart. 


Looking forward to playing the new Spider-Man title on PlayStation 4? It's coming later this year, with plenty of Spidey goodness to go around. But there's one particular character we just don't know if we're going to see in-game just yet. While we've seen evidence of things like Stark Tower, and possibly the Avengers referenced, we're just not sure yet if we'll actually see Venom in Spidey's territory. While it would certainly be cool, nothing has been confirmed.

So it was interesting to see Insomniac Games' art director Jacinda Chew respond to a fan asking "how big Venom is" in-game with the quip "Too big to fit into #SpiderManPS4." It's not clear at this time if she's trying to tell us that Venom just won't be in the game, or if she's being cheeky. Could she be giving us a cryptic message about his availability, or is this a joke? Either way, hopefully it doesn't end up meaning that we won't see the character in the game.

The film doesn't exactly look promising, so a video game Venom is something we definitely deserve. Hopefully this doesn't spell doom for Venom's appearance in the game. We'll keep an eye out for any further comments on the matter, especially since Insomniac and Sony have been playing coy about the entire thing.

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