Summer Games Done Quick 2018: Here are the Super Mario Maker Course IDs for Today's Blind Race

Did you watch Summer Games Done Quick 2018's Super Mario Maker 3v3 Blind Level Race? Looking to play those courses for yourself? Shacknews has collected the Course IDs for Saturday's custom stages.


On Saturday, Summer Games Done Quick 2018 held a special Super Mario Maker run that pit two teams of three of the best Mario speedrunners in the world in a 3v3 race. They played through nine custom-made, never-before-seen stages in front of the Bloomington, MN crowd and in front of a captive Twitch audience.

And like every other course ever made for Super Mario Maker, these stages are available to play at home. Here are the Course IDs for each of the stages featured today:

  • [SGDQ] Against All Odds: 28E2-0000-03AA-9D40
  • [SGDQ] Spooky Ghosts Done Quick!: (Pending)
  • [SGDQ] Scareway to Heaven: 4941-0000-03AA-A165
  • TeenageMutantNinja[SGDQ]uirtle: 3E2E-0000-03AA-A000
  • [SGDQ] Mario Party: Bowser Bash ADCA-0000-03AA-9BDE
  • [SGDQ] Six Guys Dash Quickly: 9593-0000-03AA-A02B
  • [SGDQ] Time to Screw Up!: FB8C-0000-03AA-9835
  • [SGDQ] Super Mario a La Carte: D03A-0000-03AA-9FEC
  • [SGDQ] Stacked Like Bowsers.: 43D5-0000-03AA-A0F4

UPDATE: Following today's blind race, the competitors stuck around for a Super Mario Maker Hard Exhibition. We've gone ahead and added these Course IDs, as well, but be forewarned, these levels are hard!

  • SGDQ - Extra Cool Points: 1D28-0000-03AA-5070
  • The Force Awakens: 72B7-0000-03A9-BB49
  • Flotilla Flashback: B15A-0000-03AA-7384
  • SGDQ = Swag Games Done Quick: E634-0000-03AA-1374
  • 99% Imposible (turn comments on): (Pending)

These course IDs are for the Wii U version of Super Mario Maker. Summer Games Done Quick 2018 comes to a close tonight. The event has raised over $1.49 million for Doctors Without Borders, as of the time of the Super Mario Maker run.

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