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Someone Made A Mario-Themed Mod for Doom, and It Looks Awesome

Now you can enjoy two awesome franchises at the same time. 


Ever wanted to see the colorful world of Mario and the entail-laden world of Doom collide? Well, now you can, with the mod Doom: The Golden Souls 2. It's a total conversion project from a seriously talented fan that combines the goodness of Doom 2 with the stylings of the classic Super Mario World. And it looks like an awesome experience, just like the old Sailor Moon WADs from back in the day.

The mod lets you travel through levels via world map, unlock new paths with secret exits, and collect coins while working to retrieve 7 Golden Souls (a nod to 6 Golden Coins) stolen by minions of the Cyberdemon. The mod's way more than just a reskin of the classic Doom experience, with colorful locales, level design, teleportation abilities, and plenty of familiar faces seen from within the Mario universe.

Andrea "Batandy" Gori and the team of fans who made this mod happen are truly talented, and if you don't have much going on over the weekend, you may want to consider giving it a try. It looks to expertly combine the whimsical with the weird and violent, and hey, that's got my name written all over it. Anything to tide me over until the new Doom, too, right?

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