Mario Tennis Aces Version 1.1.1 Update Adds Rating Feature, Online Tournament Changes

Pressure to perform in each match just got even greater with Rankings.


Mario Tennis Aces has just welcomed a new patch in the form of its Version 1.1.1 update, which adds a new "Rating" feature for online matches beginning on July 1. It's also introduced a swath of other changes, such as adjustments for Adventure mode, and more.

The new "Rating" feature will add the ability to earn ratings after matches. Scores will begin at 2,000 and go up after scoring points, then down again when losing points. It's meant to show other players how strong players are, but the in-game ranking board will continue to go by total points. If players disconnect during a match, the ratings will be altered based on the player's current in-game score at the time. Sometimes, the rating may not go up at all depending on player ability discrepancies. It will change on a case-by-case basis.

As far as Online Tournaments changes go, Nintendo has addressed issues with settings not aligning with options settings when you begin a match, as well as freezing when you press buttons after getting a communication error.

Further changes have come to Adventure mode, with adjustments made to how often opponents use Zone Shots in the Forest Practice Court, and the same in the Forest Edge area. The Reflection Room and Royal Chamber stages have also seen an adjustment in how much Energy is refilled.

You can see the entire list of patch notes via Nintendo's official website. Are you still playing the excellent tennis game? Do you hate Shy Guys? Let us know!

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