Blizzard Reveals Additional Details About Hamster Hero 28 Wrecking Ball

Get to know the cuddliest tank hero ever. 


After a brief teaser reveal this morning via Twitter, Blizzard has finally showcased Hero 28 as Wrecking Ball. It's the hamster hero Hammond in an enormous mech suit, acting as the game's latest tank hero. We now know a little more about him, however, with a new origin video that you can watch below and a list of the adorable little guy's abilities. 

As it turns out, yes, this is indeed Hammond the hamster. He was known as "Specimen 8," as the origin video explains, and is a genetically modified hamster who's actually fighting inside of a modified escape pod. After hitching a ride on fellow Overwatch hero Winston's escape pod during the rebellion on Horizon, he ended up crash-landing in Australia, near Junkertown.

Sources say that's where our roving reporter Sam Chandler is also from, but we can't be sure. At any rate, he worked on his mech over time and became a "force to be reckoned with," henceforth known as Wrecking Ball. Despite the fact that he can't speak any human languages, that doesn't stop him from using the mech to translate his voice into a somewhat menacing tone. 

Wrecking Ball's abilities are as follows:

  • Quad Cannons: Wrecking Ball fires machine guns
  • Adaptive Shield: Grants Wrecking Ball a number of temporary shields based on the number of enemies nearby
  • Roll: Wrecking Ball transforms into a sphere with increased speed
  • Grappling Claw: While in Roll mode, Wrecking Ball can launch a short grappling hook to attach to surfaces, swing around, clear gaps, and move upwards. Using this ability allows Wrecking Ball to gain momentum, dealing damage and knocking back enemies upon impact
  • Piledriver: Wrecking Ball slams down from the air, pulling enemies towards the center of impact and dealing damage
  • Minefield (Ultimate): Wrecking Ball litters the ground around him with damage-dealing proximity mines

If you're raring to go try out Wrecking Ball for yourself, he's available for PC players via the PTR right now. Give him a try, see how he works, and then go to town on absolutely annihilating the competition. Now, let's all start brainstorming on what Hero 29 could potentially bring to the table. What? It's not too early.

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