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Gal Metal Interview: Producer Tak Fujii's Drumming Game is 'For Everyone'

The latest rhythm game for Switch looks like a lot of fun. 


Producer Tak Fujii was on hand at E3 2018 to chat about the upcoming Switch rhythm game, Gal Metal, which finds players drumming their hearts out in an all-girl band.

It's a "totally new concept," said Fujii, of the drumming adventure.

"You use the Joy-Con as drumsticks, so it will emulate the kick drum, snare drums, and cymbals. It's not about physically pushing the buttons, but you move your arms to play the drums." It looks like an extremely wild and colorful time, that's for sure.

"Rhythm lives within us, and music lives within is," concluded Fujii. "My entire life is about music. I studied the piano since I was 4 years old. Why not combine my experience with gaming and music to make the best music game in the world?"

Gal Metal is a Switch-exclusive game, and it'll be coming out this fall.

At this time, there doesn't appear to be any console or PC ports in the future, since the entire experience is based around the motion of swinging the Joy-Con controllers. However, that could change with fan demand. "Yell louder, follow my Twitter, and bring it to that platform," said Fujii.

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