Vintage Video Game Vault: The Real Zelda 2

Today we get to watch The Wolf butcher an attempt to play the lesser-known RPG gem Faxanadu.


Welcome folks to the latest episode of the Vintage Video Game Vault (we still haven’t come up with a better title yet). Today, The Wolf returns with a look at one of the great cult hits of the NES catalog, Faxanadu. Faxanadu was a spinoff of the Dragon Slayer series and according to Wikipedia, got its name from combining Famicom and Xanadu. It was released as a first party game in North America under license from HudsonSoft. Join us for a look back at the game Zelda 2 could have been on the Official Shacknews Twitch Channel at 7:00 PM ET (4:00 PM PT).

As always we’d like to thank all our Twitch subscribers for their support as we’ve begun ramping up streaming efforts on the site. We run weekly shows like Please Take A Look and Happy Hour to give you a glance at the newest releases or just to have some fun while we talk shop. Silliness is always encouraged and any suggestions are always welcomed.

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