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Summer Games Done Quick 2018: Day 4 Schedule and Runs to Watch

Summer Games Done Quick is back and raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Shacknews has today's full schedule of runs and has picked out a couple that are worth watching.


Summer has begun and that means, once again, it's time for the folks at Games Done Quick to get together to raise money for charity. Summer Games Done Quick is an annual event, held in the early summer months, where the world's best speedrunners come together to blaze through games of the past and present as quickly as possible while raising money for charity in the process.

This year, Summer Games Done Quick has returned to Bloomington, MN. They will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders. The event is underway and has already raised over $500,000 in just three days. As the week goes on, Shacknews will continue to offer up noteworthy runs that should not be missed.

Before getting into the Day 4 schedule, let's look back at a Day 3 highlight.

Here's the full schedule for Day 4, taken from the Games Done Quick website, along with a handful of runs worth checking out:

Time (All Times PT)GameRunRunner(s)Target Time
6:03 AM Splatterhouse 2 Any% - Genesis zallard1 20:00
6:33 AM Wiz 'n' Liz: The Frantic Wabbit Wescue Wizard - Genesis SilverDile 20:00
7:03 AM Sylvan Tale 100% - Game Gear Omnigamer 1:06:00
8:19 AM Super Monkey Ball 2 Story Mode All Levels - Wii Yutori 40:00
9:54 AM Spider-Man: Web of Fire Beat the Game - 32X PeteDorr 13:00
10:17 AM Spider-Man & Venom's Maximum Carnage Any% - SNES Ninjaofsorts 22:00
10:49 AM Batman Returns Mania - SNES LRock 26:00
11:30 AM Contra: Shattered Soldier Any% All Stages Race - PS2 Aquas, TheDrifter18, Crak Atak 35:00
12:15 PM High Hell Any% - PC SNeaky 25:00
12:50 PM Shadow Warrior Classic Redux Any% no ssl - PC Ignite 25:00
1:25 PM Sublevel Zero Redux Normal Any% - PC roncli 30:00
2:05 PM Thief: The Dark Project Any% Normal - PC Psych0sis 42:00
2:57 PM Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Extreme - GameCube plywood 1:12:00
4:19 PM The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Any% - GameCube Zmaster91 2:17:00
6:46 PM Super Mario 3D Land Warpless - 3DS zeldacubed1 1:10:00
8:06 PM Cuphead 100% - PC TheMexicanRunner 55:00
9:16 PM A Hat in Time Any% Race - PC flarebear, ConnorAce 1:00:00
10:31 PM Celeste Any% Race - PC TGH, yoshipro 40:00
11:57 PM Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Glitchless% - PC MONTYvsTHEWORLD 5:00
12:12 AM Miner Ultra Adventures Any% - PC Konasumi 15:00
12:37 AM Roundabout Esports Speedrun Mode - PC GNU Order 11:00
12:58 AM Live Beat the Game - PC LifeL1ke 11:00
1:19 AM Stilt Fella Any% - PC PHatHome666 20:00
1:49 AM Club Drive All Races (2 Laps) - Jaguar PeteDorr 13:00
2:12 AM Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa Normal Difficulty - Famicom EnchantressOfNumbers 30:00
2:53 AM Yo! Noid 2 Any% - PC AlucardX60 12:00
3:15 AM Jungle King Tar-chan: World Tour Rumble Any% - SNES Aweglib 30:00
3:55 AM Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Any% - Genesis PARTY MAN X 30:00
4:35 AM Silver Grapple Any% Good Ending - PC Ivan 20:00
5:05 AM Gift Any% - PC SecksWrecks 10:00
5:25 AM El Viento Any% - Genesis belthegor 14:00
5:49 AM Xeodrifter Any% - PC JBuzzyBee 18:00

12:50 PM - Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Before Flying Wild Hog came along and resurrected the license, Shadow Warrior was a bit of a cult classic. It wasn't as popular as Doom, it definitely didn't age as well as the classics like Quake, but it still had some positive aspects to it. With the new Shadow Warrior games offering some fresh perspective on the series, it's time to go back to the past and revisit the original. Get to know the original Wang, as Ignite runs through the old-school PC shooter in under a half-hour.

8:06 PM - Cuphead

Get your popcorn ready, because it's time for one of the true breakout hits of 2017 to make its Games Done Quick debut. Cuphead earned rave reviews for its Contra-style gameplay, creative bosses, and tough-as-nails difficulty, but TheMexicanRunner has certainly conquered it before. We even talked to him about it here at Shacknews. And with the $20,000 incentive having been met, he'll now attempt a 100% run in front of the masses in what promises to be one of the most entertaining runs of the week.

10:31 PM - Celeste

Speaking of breakout indie hits, here's 2018's darling Celeste. This game was practically begging for the speedrunning treatment, given the way the stages are designed and the multiple obstacles that constantly point to death. Two intrepid runners, TGH and yoshipro, will race to the top of the mountain and vie for GDQ supremacy to cap off a Wednesday full of speedrunning action.

Summer Games Done Quick 2018 continues from now through Saturday, June 30. For more, check out the Games Done Quick website and be sure to watch all of the action from Twitch.

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