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Pete Hines Talks Rage 2's 'Promise of Over-The-Top Open-World Action'

Shacknews got together with Bethesda's Pete Hines to watch some gameplay and hear the latest about upcoming open-world action title Rage 2.


With intellectual property such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake, id Software is a company that really needs no introduction. As of late, they've been working on Rage 2, the follow-up to the studios acclaimed 2010 first-person shooter release. Shacknews met up with the one and only Pete Hines, global senior vice president at Bethesda, to ask the pressing questions about the publisher's efforts with regard to the Nintendo Switch and learn more about the open-world action fans can expect from Rage 2.

Hines spoke toward some of the many properties that have been adapted to the Nintendo Switch, saying that Bethesda would consider bringing any of the studio's property to the Switch so long as players show enough interest in it. As for Rage 2, Hines had this to say:

"With Rage 2, we [...] really wanted to pay off on what we thought the promise of that game was in terms of the open world aspect, [like] really being able to go out and explore and have a seamless open world where you're just moving from cool vehicle combat to a raider base or some quest that's firing off."

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