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System Era Softworks Interview: Allowing 'All Players' to Enjoy Astroneer Together

The team is aiming for true cross-play between devices.


System Era Softworks' Riley Gravatt and Joe Tirado stopped by to hang out at the Shacknews E3 2018 booth to chat with our own Asif Khan and David Craddock about Astroneer.

The sandbox adventure game tasks players with colonizing planet, building new and interesting structures, and mining special resources. There's no endgoal in sight, and you just play! That's all you need to have fun, right?

Tirado underscored the importance of allowing cross-platform play, mentioning that "cooperation and playing together" were integral pillars of the experience. All platforms on all systems will be able to play together eventually, which certainly sounds like a practice Sony needs to adopt in the future.

Tirado also spoke on the state of the team and how it grew exponentially from a core set of five to 17 since the game debuted, and ended up funneling much of the funds it's made thus far into expanding its team. It doesn't look like it's coming to Switch, however...for some reason.

"We can explore other options later," Tirado stated. So perhaps it's still an option? We'll have to see.

Astroneer is available now as part of Steam's Early Access program.

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