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Doom Eternal Multiplayer at QuakeCon 2018? Pete Hines Says 'We Shall See'

The VP of Bethesda didn't let any cats out of the bag, but he also didn't deny the possibility. Check out our interview for the full scoop. 


It was a banner year for Bethesda at E3. Pretty much every announcement they made during their annual press conference knocked it out of the park. Whether they were revealing showing off teaser trailers for Doom Eternal and the Elder Scrolls 6 or revealing sequels for Rage, the next Wolfenstein and a little thing called Fallout 76, the team at Bethesda seemed like they could do no wrong with their latest offerings. Of course, this is just the beginning of things to come from the company for the next couple of years. Which left us to wonder, “What does Bethesda have left to show at this year’s QuakeCon?”

We had a chance to catch up with the Vice President of Bethesda Softworks, the one and only Pete Hines to recap several of the reveals from the company’s E3 press conference and chat about what’s next. With QuakeCon 2018 coming up just around the corner, and their long-running tradition of giving attendees an extra-special sneak peek at what the company has been working on, we just had to try and find out if fans could expect a little extra love once again if they head to Dallas, TX this August.

Hines takes us on a walk through some of the bigger announcements that Bethesda showed off and hints that while there may not be a special reveal just for attendees during the QuakeCon keynote, there might be some extra special treats for fans. Perhaps some multiplayer Doom Eternal will show up this year? Check out the video below and infer for yourself the implication of Hines’ response.

Right now there’s no release date or console information for Doom Eternal, but that could always be coming at this year’s QuakeCon as well.

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