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Aaron Greenberg Interview: Diversifying the Xbox Game Pass Portfolio With New Studios

Xbox Game Pass members have a lot to look forward to. 


Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg was on hand during E3 2018, chatting with Shacknews for a brief moment about Xbox Game Pass and the new development studios added to the company's portfolio. The five new additions, according to Greenberg, bring something new to the table, with high-quality games and a "really focused sense of purpose."

He went on to discuss how these studios will end up diversifying the games available on the Xbox Game Pass service, which brings all Xbox One exclusive games to the service on the day titles officially released, much like with Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2.

"We have a lot of third-party partners participating. The big win is we're bringing our heavy hitters day and date into Game Pass."

He's alo no stranger to how gamers like to play different titles across different platforms, and Microsoft wants to facilitate that for them.

"We know that gamers play across a lot of different devices. We know that we want them to have access to our content no matter where they play."

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