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Shacknews Round Table Rap About Esports and Down-Low Downloads

Catch all the Shacknews crew highlights from E3 2018's day 3 discussion.


E3 2018 has finally concluded, but the air of excitement and exhaustion is still alive and well in the video archives showcasing the best and most random thoughts from the Shacknews booth. Gather round, all ye faithful, as Blake Morse, David Craddock, and Asif Khan sit down to discuss the good ol' days, back when E3 didn't last an entire week and great games came in shareware form.

The crew raps about the inaugural Shacknews Championship League, the timelessness of dad jokes, special occasion-briefcases, and the vocal timbre of sad robots. Literally nothing is off-limits to this crew, not even dwarves dressed like clowns or the potential loss of pride inherent to Shack gaming battles.

Still, much of the discussion centers around Shacknews' own wrestling influences and the old-school gameplay featured during the Shacknews Championship League, including Street Fighter 2, Duke Nukem 3D, and Goldeneye 007. There's also a lot of conversation centering around perennial Shacknews favorite Rocket League.

For more great in-depth videos, be sure to check out Shacknews and over on YouTube.

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