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How to Add Friends, Trade Creatures, and Give Gifts in Pokemon Go

The latest update to Pokemon Go finally allows trainers to link up with their friends, give gifts, and even trade Pokemon. 


Niantic's augmented reality-boosted mobile game Pokemon Go already had plenty of excitement to keep players hooked for months and years, and it looks like things are only going to get better. The team has just announced that Friends capabilities are finally arriving in the latest update, and not only does that mean that players can finally keep on track of all of their friends' latest accomplishments, they'll also be able to give Gifts and even trade Pokemon with one another if they so choose. Here's how all of the latest Friends-based features in Pokemon Go work.

How to Add Friends in Pokemon Go

Niantic has made the process of adding friends within Pokemon Go fairly straightforward. Each trainer is assigned a personalized 12-digit Trainer Code, the likes of which can be found in-game through the new Friends tab. Players will need to note their codes, then message one another — in an outside app, of course, or through real-life personal communication if they so choose — and exchange friend codes.

Once that's done, players should head to their profiles and back to the Friends tab, then tap on the option labeled "Add Friend." Enter the friend's code, tap again to confirm, and that's that. Once added, a player's friends will be visible on the Friends tab, as well as a short summary of each friend's latest accomplishments and statistics.

Once two players have become friends, they'll be able to enjoy Pokemon trading and gift giving. They'll also be able to increase their Friendship Level with the aforementioned activities. It's worth noting that the Friends system has a few limitations, however: for now, the system is only available to trainers who have reached level 30, players can only have up to 200 separate in-game friends, and players who needed parental approval to play Pokemon Go (formally through the Trainer Club, not informally) won't be able to trade creatures with other trainers.

How to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Assuming players are friends with one another and are physically nearby one another, they'll be able to trade Pokemon. Trading requires Stardust, and the amount of Stardust needed varies depends on the type of Pokemon being traded as well as the two friends' Friendship Level, starting at 100 Stardust and going all the way up to one million Stardust. Fortunately, as users' Friendship Level rises, the Stardust requirement will be reduced. There are also Special Trades that require much more Stardust and are limited to just one trade per day, and these apply to Legendary Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon not featured in the player's Pokedex. Trading Pokemon also gives a bonus amount of Candy, with the bonus increasing as the distance of capture between the two creatures increases.

After making sure the friend to be traded with is close by — within 100 real-world meters — head over to the friend's page via the Friends tab, then tap on Trade. Wait for the other trainer to become available if necessary, then tap on the creature to be traded. Check over its stats if desired, tap Next, then tap on Confirm to finish the trade and wait for the recipient to do the same. Do note that creature power will likely go down with trades, as the CP and HP ranges are based on both the receiving friend's level as well as the two trainers' Friendship Level.

How to Give Gifts in Pokemon Go

Gifts are an all-new item in Pokemon Go that players can receive after spinning a Photo Disc at their local PokeStops and Gyms. That's right, gifts can't be any old item, nor can can they be opened by the players who earn them — instead, they're meant to be given to others players, who will open them to receive a selection of various helpful items, a special postcard from where the gift originated, and potentially an egg that will hatch into a Kanto-region Alolan form Pokemon.

Sending a Gift is easy: find the Gift listing in the inventory, select the gift choice (if necessary), then tap on the Send button and select the recipient from the Friends list. Before too long, the player will receive the gift, and both players will see their Friendship Level rise.

That should be all that players need to get together with their friends, give Gifts, and trade their creatures. Our Pokemon Go coverage doesn't end here, of course, so be sure to keep checking back by Shacknews and our Pokemon Go homepage to stay up-to-date on the latest news and guides concerning Niantic's AR-based sensation.

Image credits via Pokemon Go Live.

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