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Ms. Chalice's Abilities Will Be Useable by Cuphead and Mugman in The Delicious Last Course

Even the Senior Director of ID@Xbox is still learning things about Cuphead.


Cuphead had a long and winding development cycle that finally culminated with its release in September last year, and now, nine months later, the first piece of DLC has been announced: The Delicious Last Course. At E3 2018, we got to sit down with Maya Moldenhauer, Producer and Artist at Studio MDHR, and Chris Charla, Senior Director at ID@Xbox to discuss Cuphead, Session, Below, and all the beautiful indie games coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms.

Moldenhauer was able to reveal that Ms. Chalice would be joining the vessel-headed duo for continued controller-breaking challenge as part of The Delicious Last Course. This piece of DLC is promised to be as hard, if not harder, than what was on offer in the base game, which should come as good news for those masochists among us.

Ms. Chalice will be bringing with her a host of new weapons and charms, all of which can be used by Cuphead and Mugman. What’s more interesting is that Ms. Chalice will have her own physics, meaning players will need to spend some time relearning the basics, maybe even getting stuck on the tutorial again.

The fun doesn’t end there, as Ms. Chalice will be able to go back to the start of the game and play through all the old bosses and Run ‘n’ Gun levels. This should add another layer of replay value for those who have clocked Cuphead a few times.

Charla gave us a bit more insight into the various titles shown off during the Microsoft press conference, specifically during the ID@Xbox segment. An impressive amount of games were shown, all in quick succession, but a few of the highlights would have to be Session, Sable, and Tunic.

With Session on the horizon, this might be enough to sate the appetite of those gamers we were eagerly awaiting the announcement of Skate 4. According to Charla, all the tricks are unlocked from the start of the game, but how well players can perform these tricks is dictated by how often they "practice" them in-game. This sounds like a light leveling system that encourages repetition and perfection.

Another remarkable feature in Session is that there is a built-in video recording feature the blends in a co-operative experience. A second player is able to move alongside the main player, recording their tricks. In fact, the trailer seen at E3 2018 was actually created using this co-op system.

Hopefully in the future, the ID@Xbox segment of the Microsoft press conference will grow in size, as it often highlights a ton of incredible looking games that deserve far more screen time. For now though, practice the breathing because you'll need to be completel zen when Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course releases sometime in 2019. Be sure to lock it to Shacknews and check out our complete coverage of E3 2018 for anything you might have missed during the hectic week.

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