Astro Gaming Interview: Breath of the Wild is The 'Perfect' Game for Nintendo Partnership

You'll definitely want one of these bad boys by the end of this chat. 


Thaddeus Cooper, head of community for Astro Gaming, was on hand to discuss The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A10 Headset during E3 2018, as well as the company's 10th Anniversary A40 Headset. Both are sleek and svelte, but what really took the cake during the chat was the awesome-looking Zelda edition of the familiar headset, kicking off a partnership with Nintendo.

Cooper was on hand to show off the gorgeous Zelda-inspired headset, showing off all the familiar glyph and other iconography from the Switch title. It looks like a luxurious tribute to the popular game, and it's also an affordable version of the typical A10 headset line.

"This is a headset designed for the Nintendo Switch, so it comes with a Switch chat cable. It allows the headset to be plugged into a cell phone to access the app, into your Switch, and then on into the headset. All first-party games will be able to access the chat." If you want to play games like Splatoon 2 or other titles like Mario Tennis Aces, you'll be good to go. Plus, it's based on Zelda!

"It's really the perfect, iconic game to kick off our partnership with Nintendo," said Cooper during our interview at E3 2018.

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