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When is Amazon Prime Day 2018?

Don't blow all your cash on the Steam Summer sale, because Amazon's massive Prime Day 2018 discounts are soon to begin.


Summer is the time of savings, and for online shoppers, the deals keep rolling in. Steam is currently hosting its annual Summer Sale, and retail giant Amazon is about to jump into the arena too. Not only are there all kinds of deals discounts available through Amazon Prime — and that includes a free Twitch Prime subscription for Amazon Prime subscribers — there will also be a lot of hot deals dropping in the upcoming Prime Day 2018, and it looks like we finally know when the action is going down.

When Does Amazon Prime Day 2018 Begin?

According to a report from TechRadar, Amazon Prime Day 2018 will be kicking off on July 16. Coincidentally enough, this report is based on a leak from Amazon itself — apparently Amazon UK inadvertently posted a banner that revealed the date, and the outlet was able to take a screen cap of the banner before it was pulled down. Naturally, Amazon hasn't yet confirmed this date, but it's likely that they're so far into the process that the date won't be changed.

As for the deals themselves, consumers can expect loads of savings across basically everything Amazon has to offer — which, basically, is everything imaginable. Books, games, clothes, electronics, household utensils, personal products, furniture; if you can think of it, it'll likely make an appearance during the sale.

Of course, the sale prices won't last forever. Amazon typically allows Prime Day discounts to run for 36 hours, meaning buyers should move quickly, as most of the deals will likely disappear in the latter hours of July 17.

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