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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Update Patch Notes Details Free Scalawags DLC

Watchers will soon be treated to the latest Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire update version which includes the new free Scalawags Pack DLC.


The good times continue for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire players, as the crew at Obsidian Entertainment have begun rolling out the game's latest patch version, the likes of which includes several fixes and changes as well as the inclusion of the free new Scalawags Pack DLC.

The biggest draw to the latest patch will certainly be the DLC pack, which according to an update post made to the Obsidian forums will include three new recruitable crew members that can be found in the taverns of the Deadfire Archipelago. The Scalawags Pack also includes five new ship upgrades, adds new shipwrights in various areas of the game, and also includes the brand new Savage personality setting.

As for the rest of the changes in the latest update, the patch notes indicates the follow bug fixes and adjustments:

• Client no longer crashes when choosing "Quit to Desktop."
• Mac builds will no longer allow you to toggle the Fullscreen setting via the OSX Menu Dock Bar or via Command + F. This was done to prevent a crash that occurs when doing this action.
• Crew members now heal properly in the Resting Crew slot when there are adequate Medicine supplies.
• News feed no longer clips with Title Screen menu after quitting to Title Screen.
• Store and Ship results now handle Scaling Text size better and layering of UI has been fixed in a few places.
• Fixed the Appearance Customization window not scaling down on smaller resolutions.
• Strange whiny sound effect no longer plays when opening the main menu.
• Fixed skinning issues on Naked Dwarf bodies.
• Fixed lighting issue in Fort Deadlight that exposed some flip tiles.
• Various fixes to Partial Hair when head slot item is equipped.

The Obsidian team has also indicated three other quest-related fixes that would likely be spoilers for players who haven't made it too far into the game. We won't be detailing those here, but interested users can find more details about those over on the Obsidian forums. Also be sure to stop by our extensive Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire guide hub, where we outline all of the must-know information for players looking to build or get the most out of their characters and crew.

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