Fortnite Switch Version Teasing Mysterious Countdown on In-Game Television

Don't touch that dial. 


It looks like something mysterious is going on in Fortnite once more. This time, however, it appears to be happening only on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It's counting down to something big, and it'll reach zero on June 19, which is Tuesday of next week. But what could it mean?

Right now, it doesn't appear that anything else has changed in the game, but players can attest to the fact that this is only currently happening for Switch players. Could the TVs be counting down to some sort of fix for the "locking out" that players have experienced with their PlayStation 4 accounts with Fortnite on Switch? Perhaps there's some sort of Nintendo-related content coming? Or maybe this was an update that's coming to all platforms, but got pushed to Switch earlier than others?

Whatever the case may be, we'll stay on top of the situation and let you know more about it as soon as more information comes out. We're just as curious as you are. 

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