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E3 2018: Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition Coming to Switch, Xbox One, PS4

Don your spiked shoulder pads, because Mutant Football League is soon to land on the Nintendo Switch.


There are a lot of sports titles on the current video game market, but none of them quite do what Mutant Football League sets out to do — namely provide an American football experience that doesn't take itself too seriously. And being honest, the sports gaming scene on the Nintendo Switch isn't too big either. Fortunately, sports fans with a taste for the outlandish will find what they're looking for in the new Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition, the likes of which will finally land on the Nintendo Switch.

Older gamers may remember Mutant Football League from the 16-bit days, where it was one of the preferred alternatives for more traditional sports titles like Madden. The original game's over-the-top action and often absurd style looks to have translated beautifully into the modern console era, and the game was so well-received by the Shacknews crew that we voted it the Best Sports Game of 2017 in the annual Shacknews Awards.

We're not yet totally sure what the new Dynasty Edition is all about, but juding from a press release for the game's Dynasty Edition, the title is likely made in reference to the recently-added Dynasty Mode, where players can get down in a series of Mayhem Bowls set across multiple seasons. Otherwise, it appears that the new edition is essentially the same as the old version — except this time it'll also be on the Nintendo Switch.

Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition is slated to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch sometime this fall.

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