E3 2018: Mark Parker Talks Mutant League Zero: Road to Eden

Our interview with Bearded Ladies' Mark Parker reveals fresh details concerning the "tactical adventure" title Mutant League Zero: Road to Eden.


One of the best things about developing a hit game is that it allows studios to branch out into passion projects. Developer Funcom did a fantastic job with recently-released action title Conan Exiles, and the next game from the studio is set to blend strategy and adventure into a gorgeous game filled with unusual creatures. Shacknews caught up with Mark Parker, producer at The Bearded Ladies Consulting, at E3 2018 to learn more about the team's latest "tactical adventure" title.

Mutant League Zero: Road to Eden was first announced back in February this year, with developer Funcom noting the involvement of Ulf Andersson, designer of Payday. Andersson was quoted as saying that the team's goal is to "blend the deep and tactical combat of XCOM with a branching storyline" that unfolds based on the player's in-game decisions. There's also an emphasis on stealth, with visual enemy sight lines similar to those used in PC strategy classic Commandos.

There's no firm release date just yet, but strategy gaming fans can expect Mutant League Zero: Road to Eden to launch for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 sometime later this year. More information can be found over on the Mutant League Zero official website.

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