E3 2018: Black Desert Community Manager Exclusive Interview

The MMORPG sensation is soon to release for consoles as Black Desert, and Shacknews spoke with the game's community manager about some of the latest changes.


PC players with a fondness for massively multiplayer online role playing games and a specific taste for vast fantasy-inspired worlds will have no doubt heard of Black Desert Online, the MMORPG from Pearl Abyss that's been garnering a lot of praise from PC players since its initial release back in March of 2016. Like many online-based RPGs, Black Desert Online is a constantly evolving product, with new changes coming in at a fairly consistent rate. Shacknews had the chance to get up with Simon, the community manager for the game, at E3 2018 to talk about some of these changes as well as all of the new features players can expect from the game's upcoming console releases, which drop the word Online and will be simply known as Black Desert.

Simon spoke toward some of the challenges of bringing the game to console, with the bulk of the work seemingly centered around adapting complex keyboard-based controls to much more restrictive console controllers. He also spoke toward the huge number of character classes, activities, and quests that will be available in the game's full console releases.

Fans will note that a new trailer for Black Desert was unveiled after the Xbox E3 2018 presentation, giving players an all-new look at the upcoming fantasy MMORPG. Players without a gaming PC who want to jump in on the MMORPG action will be able to do so soon, as the team at Pearl Abyss is bringing a beta test to Xbox One later this fall.

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