E3 2018: Even More Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit Mode Gameplay

Want more Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit Mode gameplay footage? We've got you covered.


One of the E3 2018 highlights that the Shacknews crew just couldn't get enough of is Destiny 2's upcoming Forsaken DLC. Part of the new Forsaken experience is the game's Gambit Mode which brings a fresh twist to PvE and PvP gameplay. We posted some slick Destiny 2: Forsaken Game Mode gameplay footage earlier today, but now we're back with even more tasty video content to whet players' appetites.

With the upcoming Forsaken DLC, all those stoic Hunters still getting their fill out of Destiny 2 will have yet another reason to jump in the game and start blasting down foes. Be on the lookout for Destiny 2: Forsaken as well as the new Gambit gameplay mode when the DLC launches for PlayStatin 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4, 2018.

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