E3 2018: EA DICE Discusses Battlefield 5 Vehicles and Multiplayer Combat

Shacknews was on-site at E3 2018 to talk with EA DICE about all of the exciting changes introduced in Battlefield 5.


One of the biggest components of EA's E3 2018 briefing was Battlefield 5 and all of the various new features that FPS fans can look forward to, most notably the reveal of an all-new battle royale-inspired mode. Shacknews was on-site and managed to get up with Andreas Morell, senior producer for Battlefield 5, to discuss some of the new changes to the game as well as the direction that developer EA DICE is hoping to take the series' latest entry.

The developers at EA DICE have put a huge amount of focus into the Battlefield 5 multiplayer experience, the likes of which can be seen in the video above with a particular focus on the game's Ground Operations gameplay mode. Morell spoke about some of the moments the team wanted to showcase with regard to the World War 2 historical experience, with additional consideration paid to the history of the Battlefield series itself, and also mentioned how series staples like vehicles and vehicle combat will play into the series' latest entry. 

Fans can expect to return to World War 2 once again when Battlefield 5 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19, 2018. Alternatively, players who preorder the game's Deluxe Edition will be able to join the action on October 16, 2018.

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