Is Fortnite Cross Play on Nintendo Switch?

Does the latest Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite support cross platform play with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile? We answer the burning question.


Nintendo's short-but-sweet E3 2018 briefing has concluded, and as many fans expected, Fortnite has finally landed on the Nintendo Switch. The game hit mobile platforms some time ago, and since the Switch is built using a number of mobile-oriented components, porting Fortnite to the Switch seemed like an obvious win. What isn't obvious is whether or not Nintendo Switch Fortnite players can game with their friends playing Fortnite on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or various mobile platforms. Fortunately, the question of whether or not Fortnite on the Switch supports cross platform play is easy to answer.

Does Fortnite on Nintendo Switch Support Cross Platform Play?

The answer is yes, absolutely it does. Like with just about every other version of Fortnite, the new Nintendo Switch version of Fornite includes full support for cross platform play. When asked which platforms Nintendo Switch Fortnite would be able to play with, Epic Games' Nick Chester had this to say:

Of course, there is one obvious exception to what would otherwise be universal cross-platform support: Sony, for whatever odd reason, still appears to be blocking some elements of cross-play connectivity. In a nutshell, this means that Fortnite players on other platforms like mobile or Mac will be able to play with others on PC or Xbox One, but PlayStation 4 players will not encounter Nintendo Switch players and vice versa.

As far as we can tell, this limitation also extends to Epic Games accounts tied to PlayStation Network accounts: since PSN-tied Epic accounts can't be used on Xbox One, it stands to reason that they can't be used on the new Nintendo Switch version either.

With that said, the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite should support cross platform play just as much as the other versions available, and Switch owners will soon be able to play their favorite battle royale with all of their friends across the world — as long as their friends aren't playing on a PlayStation 4.

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