E3 2018: Hi-Rez Studios Shows Off More of Realm Royale

The latest battle royale experience has arrived in Realm Royale, the new title from the crew at Hi-Rez Studios.


The battle royale genre is hot right now, and for developers to break into the scene, they need to bring something fresh to the table. Luckily, it seems like Hi-Rez Studios has a few ideas. Taking to the stage during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018, executive producer Rory "Drybear" Newbrough showed off the latest footage of Realm Royale, the team's latest battle royale experience.

One of the more defining elements of Realm Royale is the game's different class systems. Players can choose from a number of different pre-set classes like mages, hunters, assassins, and more. Naturally, classes like the engineer gives players the option to put up defensive items, assassins can use stealth and long-range attacks. Basically Fortnite with classes

Crafting will also play a big role in the game. Forges will be scattered across the game's map, and players can use them to pull shards from runes to in order to create their own legendary gear. Using a forge will come with some danger, however, as smokestacks will relay the location of active forges to enemies in the area.

Realm Royale is available to play entirely for free right now via Steam, and streamers keen on showing off the game on Mixer will have the chance to earn exclusive new goodies like the Jailbird chicken skin cosmetic item.

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