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Skull and Bones Confirms Shared Online Open World Gameplay

Shiver me (or your) timbers on the open seas in Ubisoft's Skull and Bones, an open-sea adventure.


A new trailer for Skull and Bones set sail during Ubisoft's E3 presser, hosted by creative director Justin Farren.

Farren went into detail on the type of gameplay and customization options that players will have at their fingertips in Skull and Bones. Nearly every facet of your ship is open to being rejiggered to set your crew and vessel apart from rival seafarers. For instance, different cannons dish out different types of damage, and at different rates. One cannon in the trailer fired off eight shots in a single blast, upping the odds of dealing critical damage.

While Skull and Bones shares many obvious traits in common with Rare's Sea of Thieves, Ubisoft's title distinguishes itself in several ways. First and foremost, Skull and Bones features a more realistic art style, whereas Rare's game is more stylistic.

Revealed during E3 2017, Skull and Bones will be released sometime in 2019. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the cinematic and in-game footage that premiered during Ubisoft's E3 briefing.

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