E3 2018: More Just Cause 4 Gameplay and Extreme Weather Shown Off

Square-Enix dropped some more details on their upcoming sandbox spectacular. 


While we all found out about the E3 Just Cause 4 reveal a little earlier than expected thanks to Steam, today we got a few more details about what fan of the series can expect from the next iteration in the series. During today's Square-Enix press conference the company dropped a ton of information on the new story, environment, and gameplay mechanics that will be integrated into Just Cause 4. 

Once again, players will take on the role of Rico Rodriguez and be sent into the brand new territory of Solis to overthrow a merciless dictatorship and their army. Rico will have several new accessories on his mission including a slew of new grappling hooks and a brand new booster rocket with air lifters. New vehicles like bulldozers, car transporters, cranes, and microjets. 

Enemy AI has been upgraded as well and baddies will have specialty tactics and are looking to be a major pain in the butt for Rico. Along with dealing with human combatants, Just Cause 4 will introduce extreme weather conditions to the franchise. Giant tornadoes and sandstorms are just a couple of examples of what players will face this time around. But, Rico is just as extreme as the weather, and players will be able to do crazy stuff like glide suit their way through a whirlwind.  

While Just Cause 4 is looking par for the course for the series as far as open-world over-the-top action goes, there's still quite some time before the game comes out. Which means we should get even more details leading up to its release later this year. 

Just Cause will be coming out on Dec 4 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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