Twin Mirror Is Indigo Prophecy Mixed with Life is Strange

The developers of Life is Strange are back with a mysterious new game with some mind-bending visuals.


In the run up to E3 2018, game announcements and news are ramping up in speed. Some publishers and developers are getting out in front of the event by showing off their games early. Sony is no different and has been revealing new titles since Wednesday morning. Today’s reveal from Sony’s Countdown to E3 comes from Bandai Namco and Dontnod, the team behind Vampyr and Life is Strange. Twin Mirror looks to be a new narrative-driven mystery game that follows a man named Sam as he returns to the town of Basswood and tries to piece together the events from a horrific night he doesn’t remember.

The game was revealed via a short teaser trailer that is dripping with a ominous vibe. The trailer shows some scenes of a desolate town and mind-bending dreamscapes. Based on how things shook out in Dontnod’s Life is Strange, we’d expect some clever storytelling with a sci-fi twist.

No official release date was given in the trailer, only the mention of “2019” at the conclusion. Obviously, the game will be arriving for the PS4, but it will also arrive for Xbox One and PC. Look for more details about Twin Mirror to surface during E3 in the coming week.

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